For years, Reliable Formed Plastics has consistently produced parts for Tier 1 Aerospace Suppliers and OEMs. With the ability to offer high grade, durable components, thermoforming offers a cost effective alternative to many historically metallic aerospace parts. High grade plastic resins can be leveraged to produce parts that not only meet the durability requirements but are also a fraction of the cost and weight. These parts include but are not limited to a variety of covers, interior panels, bezels, and housings/cases, and transparencies(instrument windows, exterior lenses). We are capable of processing many of the high grade plastic resins required for these aerospace applications. With high quality and precision we can produce assembly and sub-assembly parts from materials such as ULTEM(PEI), Boltaron, Kydex, Polycarbonate(Lexan) / FR Polycarbonate, Nylon, Acrylic, and composite/fiber impregnated resins. From a quality standpoint, we are in the process of implementing AS9100 Rev. D. Request for Quote today!

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