Value Added Assembly


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Complete assembly and packaging services are also available. Any additional components required for assembly can be provided by the customer or sourced through one of our suppliers. We have multiple plastic injection molding sources located both domestically and offshore and can source any hardware or other ancillary items as needed. Request for Quote today!


Reliable Formed Plastics maintains four heat bending stations as part of its value added, assembly work. The machinery allows for the bending of extruded plastic parts up to 12 feet in length. At lower volumes, his process serves as a cost effective alternative to extrusion
For simple shapes, plastic sheets can be formed using heat bending after routing instead of vacuum forming. In heat bending, sheets are bent to the specified angle using stock bend fixtures. For parts requiring simple linear bends, heat bending may be more cost effective than vacuum forming. In-house engineers can determine the most efficient manufacturing method for a given part geometry and production volume.

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